With BRAVE Wings She Flies

I was 14,000 feet above the earth with the very real awareness that I was about to leave the safety of the airplane with just some gear and the hope that my tandem diver knew what he was doing. The 1/2 Xanax (legally prescribed) I’d taken prior to take off did little to calm my fear as I saw my friend disappear out the door ahead of me. And then I was up. It all happened so fast. Free falling at 120 mph my mind was trying to comprehend the sensations and sights i was seeing. It was intense, the feeling of flying, of freedom and then......euphoria. Absolute......EUPHORIA!!!! To say the experience was spiritual is not an exaggeration.

And I felt Brave.

Skydiving and all the exhilarating feelings that come with it was a choice. Some of the bravest things I have ever done are things I didn’t choose and are a lot less glamorous. Becoming a single mom and all the overwhelming responsibility that comes with it including providing by myself was never something I wanted to be. Reporting my rape, moving on after losing my first baby, starting my own business, putting myself out front and center, vulnerable and open to judgment and ridicule, making it through a dark, difficult night and so many other small and insignificant things are acts of bravery.

Being Brave does not mean the absence of fear, it means moving forward with courage and faith. It means having strength. Being brave means taking a chance. Wether it’s going back to school or a leap of faith out of an airplane, I’ve learned ‘With Brave Wings She Flies.’

All of my Be ME Clothing designs have a very real and personal meaning to me. I’d love to know what Be Brave means to you. Find your inspiration at www.bemeclothing.com

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