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About Be ME Clothing

Be ME Clothing was created while owner/designer Lori Brinkerhoff was living at Safe Harbor, a shelter for women fleeing domestic violence and sexual abuse.  It was during some of her darkest and difficult times that she turned to her creative skills and graphic design to create unique T-shirts with mirror image phrases.

"When I had no one to give me support and encouragement, looking in the mirror and seeing the validation and encouraging words on my body gave me the strength to keep going."

Knowing how powerful and unique the experience had been for her, she created the Be ME Clothing line. It has become her passion and purpose to help women find strength in life's difficult moments, to empower women to embrace and love who they are, to throw away their negative labels and to live an authentic life.

"T-shirts and design are the vehicle I use to share my message of hope and love." 


Lori is a working single mom and runs Be ME Clothing from a small home office.  Currently, as the orders come in she is producing each piece by hand.  This business truly is a labor of love.  

"Be ME Clothing's unique graphic T's are so much more than just a shirt, it is a powerful experience to see the words in your reflection.  The clothing you wear says something about you but 

Be ME Clothing says something TO YOU."

She is always working on fresh new designs while working hard to grow the business and clothing line.  The goal is to reach as many women as possible to spread the message of love and hope.  Please help Be ME Clothing grow by Wearing and Sharing.  Together, we are creating a community of hope, love and support.    

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