Graphic T's with Expression Reflection

Notes-to-self you wear. 



Graphic Tee's that Speak to you through a unique 

Mirror Image Message.  

The Clothing  you wear says something about You,

Be ME Clothing

  Says Something To You!


Welcome Friends

Be Unique.  Be you.  

BE ME Clothing line is a brand new take on the traditional graphic T.  The unique mirror image together with the uplifting and positive messages, make Be ME clothing so much more than your ordinary T-shirt.


In a world that tears us down, it is the mission and passion of Be ME Clothing to build our customers up.  The special message seen in the mirror will remind you that you matter.   


My very personal and painful challenges have led me to reach out to others, and to encourage them to love and embrace all the wonderful and imperfect things about themselves, to live their authentic lives.  Many of the powerful statements used in the designs are personal mantras that helped me get through my most difficult times.  Be ME Clothing will continue to use t-shirts and apparel to create a community of peers who choose love and acceptance.  Don't suffer in silence anymore; it's time to become your best advocate.  To join the conversation, please visit our social media sites:



The clothing you wear says something about you, Be ME Clothing says something TO YOU!  

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 Having a Positive Affirmation on your clothes is like a reminder from the universe.  I love having the reminder On My Body and this clothing line is the Perfect way to do that.  
                  D.B. - Safe Harbor Domestic Violence Advocate
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